Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I welcomed in a new barnmate over the weekend, Jason Jaksetic a great guy, but a bit off his rocker. He's an accomplished triathlete, but even given that fact, he's involved in a mad pursuit. He plans to accomplish all the Amee Farm Peak Races over the next year, the first racer that I know of to ever attempt such a feat, starting with the hundred mile snowshoe race in a month. The problem is, he never walked a pace in a snowshoe until just a couple days ago! We recorded our debacle here:

The subsequent races don't get any easier: a hundred mile trail run through the mountains, a fifty mile run, a cycling tour over mountain passes, and it climaxes with a twenty four hour (but it often lasts longer, *wink, wink*) cornpone torture fest appropriately named the death race. Nothing is certain about the race. In fact the race itinerary is kept tucked away in a top secret envelope and is disseminated on a need to know basis. The only common elements in every race have been impossibly snug barbed wire crawls and lots of chopping with an axe.

We are going to document life in the barn as well as Jason's training in a series of shorts which I'll post here over the coming weeks and months.

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