Tuesday, February 1, 2011

25 Below!

How cold does it get in Vermont mid winter? I woke up yesterday, freezing cold, but a bit puckish. The first thing I did was nuke a cup of water to a rapid boil, walk purposely, but carefully down the steps and out the barn door . I dumped the scalding hot water off the barn bridge and over poor Russell the farmer’s head. The latter wasn’t planned. He walked straight out from under the bridge into the path of the boiling water. But, poof!, the entire cup of water vaporized into a trail of steam before it even reached him no more than eight feet below. That’s how cold it was!

Me: Hey Russell, I just poured some boiling water over you!

Russell: What? Are you crazy? Hey Liz, listen to what Matt did….

All the animals sustained the -25 (I’ve never felt colder weather in my 41 years) just fine. And we Vermonters did alright too, because with the severe cold comes a proportionate increase in lugging wood around. And as any good Yankee knows, that’s the best way to warm up there is. On the snowshoe touring front, I unveiled my secret weapon today. The fondue pot! I filled it with chocolate fondue and kept it warm by the fire. I sliced up some bananas, oranges and pineapple, skewered, dipped, and melted (I melted, that is). As they say in Mexico: Que rico!

On my latest tour, I whipped up a pot of mulled cider. It was incredibly easy to concoct, and it hit the spot on such a frigid day.

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