Friday, February 25, 2011

The Great Dessert Rebellion of October 2010

Pies, great flaky vessels of fruity confection lining the countertop of the General Store deli case, and we couldn’t touch them. Joe D didn’t like them. We had a different opinion. The uberblond consumed upwards of a five digit calorie count, whole pizzas, the slices dipped in yogurt, cottage cheese, blocks of cheese, half gallons of orange juice. No meat, since he was vegetarian, on a bet, but if he could find a piece of meat from an animal he knew personally, he was down for it.

But the General Store chef denied the uberblond a piece of pie. He didn’t like it. We thought it was unjust, un-American even. Amee Farm, room and board for work, with the exception of apple pie. Maybe that sort of thing plays in Cuba, but I have my doubts.

The Italian bruiser, Queens born and raised, not one to miss a dessert himself, never heard anything so ridiculous in his life. He bought out the shelf of pies, divvied them up and we all got a slice of pie that night, Joe D and his ascetic, no frills, nutritional Phillistinism be damned. We’ve been eating dessert ever since.

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